EOSC Synergy Dutch Data Landscape Workshop @ EGI Conference 2020

A few weeks ago, the EOSC Synergy project published landscape analysis reports. In co-location with the EGI Conference 2020, they will zoom in to one of the national results, namely that of the Netherlands, where our conference was initially planned for this fall. Unfortunately the conference had to be turned into a virtual one, and so our workshop saw a similar fate. Luckily, we have internet connectivity on our side.

On Thursday 5 november, just one day after the conference programme, there will be an EOSC Synergy Dutch Data Landscape Workshop in a joint effort with EGI and DANS. The aim of this workshop is to present the findings of the landscape reports, zooming in on the Dutch report in particular, to validate these results, and to discuss how researchers can be best provided with the data services and digital infrastructure that meet their demands.

Got your attention? Register to the workshop through the EGI Conference 2020 registration form and visit the dedicated Indico workshop page for the programme and further details.