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EGI Technology manages the outsourcing of software developments, according to the requirements gathered by the User Community Board (UCB) and the Operations Management Board (OMB), negotiates with potential technology providers and assesses the new software’s quality.

Here is how out it works in more detail:

  • The user community points out a list of desired grid features, for example a new user interface or an easier way to submit computing jobs. The UCB makes a note of this requirement and passes it to the TCB.

  • Likewise, the requirements of the operations community are collected by the OMB and forwarded to the TCB.

  • The TCB prioritises the requirements from the UCB and OMB and adds them to the EGI technical roadmap, a guide to the capabilities and features essential to make the grid infrastructure work seamlessly for the benefit of researchers.

  • The TCB identifies appropriate technology provider(s) to develop the required piece of software and establishes a business relationship with the provider through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Following delivery, the’s technical teams distributed across Europe assess the new piece of software against a specific set of criteria derived from the original requirement. The assessment criteria are public domain and are made available to the technical provider before the software’s development.

  • If the new software is approved by the functional tests, then it is passed along to operations teams who perform a staged rollout to see how the software behaves in a production environment.

  • The software is then added to the list of options available to users.

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