ISO 27001 Open Registration Training

Open registration training courses are mainly targeted for individuals interested in attending one of the available ISO 27001 training courses. For organisations needing several members of staff to be trained at a mutually agreed date and location, please see the EGI In-house training offer.

Upcoming training courses

There are currently no open courses at the moment. If you are interested in upcoming courses please contact or check out our in-house course offers.


[1] Prices include lunch, coffee breaks, and administration overhead. EGI Foundation is VAT exempt for delivery of professional training courses.

[2] Fees are set by ITEMO and charged by any examination institute supporting ISO 27001 training.

EGI Trainers

Past EGI ISO/IEC 27001 Events


  • Foundation: 19-21 Sept 2018 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Foundation In-House: 10-11 Sept 2018 – Bern, Switzerland
  • Professional: 21-23 Feb 2018 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Foundation: 19-20- Feb 2018 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Certification Body and Accreditation

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