EGI and DARIAH: expanding the Arts and Humanities field

The EGI Foundation is thrilled to announce an agreement between a group of EGI resource centres and the DARIAH competence centre.

The DARIAH Competence Centre (CC) is broadening the usage of e-Infrastructures in the domain of the Arts and Humanities research. It aims to provide a wider and more efficient access to, and use of research e-Infrastructure at European level, including transnational access, joint research, networking and digital services for user coming from areas of Arts and Humanities.

EGI has a mission to create and deliver open solutions for science and research infrastructures by federating digital capabilities, resources and expertise between communities and across national boundaries.

Thanks to the agreement with EGI, DARIAH will be able to access Cloud Compute services offered by the following resource centres:


In total, the 2 centres offered 30 virtual CPU cores, 70 GB of memory and 2TB of storage.

Giuseppe La Rocca, the Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation, facilitated the establishment of bilateral Service Level Agreement: “The agreement describes the commitments of two federated EGI service providers that will serve the Arts and Humanities community, helping their users to successfully access and use cloud-based resources to significantly advance their understanding in this scientific domain.”

Davor Davidovic, the coordinator of the DARIAH-CC, says about the agreement: “Recently, the domain of Arts and Humanities has seen a big growth in digital research material and hence emerges the need for efficient and sustainable computational and storage resources. The resources provided by this agreement will help us bring various services and tools directly to the DARIAH users thus enabling them to advance their research capabilities by exploiting the state-of-the-art computational resources. Therefore, this agreement is an important step in delivering sustainable resources, expertise and know-how to the DARIAH community.”