EGI data centres support biosystems and integrative sciences

We are happy to announce an agreement (Service Level Agreement) between a group of EGI data centres and the Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute (BioISI) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL).

FCUL is part of the University of Lisbon and is one of Portugal’s leading schools of science.

BioISI is an R&D unit within FCUL and was created in January 2015 by merging three research centres from the areas of biology, physics and computer science. The main aim of BiolSI is to understand and address biological questions using integrative-systems approaches at the forefront of life sciences research at both national and international scales.

The agreement with EGI is valid for at least one year and will allow BiolSI to access Cloud Compute resources to support their research activities.

Giuseppe La Rocca, Technical Outreach Experts at the EGI Foundation, is confident that this agreement will create a reliable liaison between BioISI and the EGI data centres which expressed their interest in supporting the research unit:

In total, the data centres offered 84 vCPU cores, up to 1TB of RAM and 20TB of storage.

Hugo Martiniano, Professor and Researcher at the University of Lisbon, says that

“BioISI gratefully acknowledges the resources granted by INCD and BIFI, which will support the work of more than 100 researchers and graduate students. The granted resources will allow the centre’s research groups to tackle larger scale projects in its main research areas: biomedicine, biotechnology and bioresources, bioinformatics and modelling and condensed matter and biophysics.

Mário David, Associate Researcher at INCD, also comments: INCD supports the BioISI researchers with computing and storage resources integrated in their cloud infrastructure. We aim at supporting Portuguese scientists in their research goals, especially the ones that need computing and/or storage resources and services, while at the same time bridging those researchers with European or world level user communities and infrastructures.

Finally, Rubén Vallés Pérez, Cloud & Grid Computing Manager at BIFI, adds that “BIFI has been part of the EGI Federated Cloud since 2006 and has grown and improved its computing power ever since. We are happy to support BioISI’s activities with up to 42 cores, 500GB and 5TB of ephemeral storage.”