EGI introduces the Community Webinar Programme

As no physical events can take place the coming time, we are happy to introduce a series of webinars which still allow us to share knowledge, latest updates and new ideas virtually.

There are 9 scheduled already, with the first one coming up in less than a weeks time! Consult our Indico page for a full list, more detailed descriptions of each planned webinar and instructions on how to register and attend.

We are currently populating the list, so make sure to keep an eye on it! Ideas for topics are also always welcome, send us your input to

First in the series: “EGI Federation – Advanced Computing for Research” by Gergely Sipos, Head of Services, Solutions and Support at EGI Foundation

Are you curious to learn more about the federation, its services, collaborations and what impact it has on science and innovation? Then this webinar is a must-join! Mark your calendar for 22 April, 14:00 CEST and register by clicking on the button below.