EGI publishes strategy document for 2015-2020

The “EGI Strategy 2015-2020: Enabling Collaborative Data and Compute Intensive Science” is now published and available for public consultation.

The EGI Strategy document is the fruit of an intensive work lead by the Strategy and Policy Team, in concertation with the EGI Council and the Executive Board. The result is a concise summary of EGI’s positioning in the evolving e-Infrastructure landscape.

Starting for the context in which EGI operates today, the document explores what EGI, as a large international federation, has to offer, its vision, mission and strategic goals. From there, the strategy defines EGI’s value proposition in terms of EGI’s target groups, service offering and strategic partnership. The document concludes with an analysis of the five strategic themes that will lead the evolution of EGI in the next five years.

“This is the document we needed to focus our efforts as a community and deliver our commitment of service towards our stakeholders, all research actors from individual scientists to large collaborations, and the European Commission ambition for a competitive and innovative economy,” said Yannick Legré, Managing Director of

“The strategy document you can now read is the result of many months of consultations with the members of the EGI Council and the Executive Board,” added Sergio Andreozzi, who led the work as’s Strategy and Policy Manager. “I am confident that this publication will help us better communicating our strategy and inspire our work as a community in the next few years.”

“This strategy has been developed by the EGI community for the EGI community,” said Matthew Dovey, Chair of the EGI Council. “It sets out our plan to help research communities develop and enhance their digital capabilities so that they can exploit today’s advanced IT infrastructures to undertake new and better research.”

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