EGI upgraded to Gold i-Space label by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA)

We are quite proud to announce that the EGI Federation has been upgraded to the Gold label i-Space recognition. BDVA i-Spaces are trusted data incubators targeted to accelerate take up of data driven innovation in commercial sectors as well as in nonprofit domains. I-Spaces serve as European hubs for Big Data research and innovation activities helping to drive forward Big Data adoption.

The EGI Federation actually first obtained a Bronze label in 2017, then reached Silver in 2018 and now Gold in 2020.  We would like to give a special thanks to Daniel Alonso and BDVA for having pushed us through the years to continuously improve and will be sure to continue to work hard in order to retain our position amongst the others.

For the EGI Federation Members, this prize means:

  • Being part of a recognized innovation community as a quality billboard
  • Increased visibility in the EU Big Data community, especially SMEs and innovative actors
  • Possibility to connect and benchmark to other i-Space practices
  • Access to European funding instruments to enable innovation and federation of existing i-Spaces.
    • One result has already been in the participation of the successfully awarded EUHubs4Data project that kicked off in Sept 2020.

See more information on BDVA i-Space labels and the EUH4Data project: