Join the RDA Technical Advisory Board

The RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is looking for new members. The TAB is responsible for the technical direction of the RDA and provides technical expertise and advice to the Council. Additionally, the board develops and reviews RDA Working and Interest Groups to promote their impact and effectiveness. RDA’s TAB also provides strategic insight into the current and future direction of RDA.

TAB members are expected to engage with the RDA members and feed their ideas and perspectives into RDA’s processes and strategies. They also evaluate proposed Working Groups and Interest Groups and act as liaisons to endorsed groups, facilitate relevant communication and coordination across groups, and work to promote adoption and effectiveness of outputs of RDA groups.

The deadline for nominations is 1 October 2020. The annual TAB election will be held in November 2020. Five of the RDA TAB members’ terms are ending in 2020, of which three are ineligible to re-stand for election, as they have just completed their second three-year term on TAB.

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