MoBrain and DRIHM resource agreements renewed

We are pleased to announce that the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) signed between EGI resource providers and the MoBrain and DRIHM research communities have been renewed until January 2018.


The resources committed to support MoBrain are used to enable the HADDOCK portal – a web-based portal that offers computational tools for structural biologists to model the structure of complexes of proteins and other biomolecules. HADDOCK sends about 8 million HTC computing jobs to EGI resources per year.

For the new SLA, eight resource centres have pledged 60 million hours of opportunistic grid computing time, 60 dedicated core on the EGI Federated Cloud and more than 250 TB storage capacity to support the VO. This year a data centre from Spain, IFCA-LCG2, has joined the team of resource providers supporting the VO.


The DRIHM community is using EGI computing resources to test a Proof of Concept model to predict and manage the risks related to extreme weather phenomena.

Thanks to the new SLA, DRIHM will be able to use over 50 million hours of computing time and more than 10 TB storage capacity for their work. The DRIHM SLA is now supported by one cloud provider (CESNET-MetaCloud) and six HTC providers, including newcomer IGI-Bologna.