MoU ceremony 2020 edition: EGI and the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) officiate collaboration

What do you do when you can’t share a table and sign a Memorandum of Understanding together? Well, as the show must go on, you reap the benefits of internet connectivity and technological enhancements and you capture the moment virtually!

Following a formal introduction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) and EGI Federation, all parties shared their ambitions, which all focus on the main goal: to foster global research and science discovery.

“8 months after my visit to EGI and other organisations related to theEuropean Open Science Cloud initiative, I am very delighted to witness this special event for us to start the journey together. Through more concrete actions I believe our cooperation will be productive and prosperous in the future.”

Shuzhi Wang, Deputy Director General, Office of General Affairs, CAS

Both CNIC and EGI presented their approaches to a collaborative open science plan and how the joint efforts can contribute to Global Open Science Cloud initiatives to support scientists and researchers who are currently trying to find solutions to global challenges.

“By closely working with EGI, I believe this cooperation will benefit the European and Chinese scientists with more flexible and interoperable e-infrastructures and services. So in the long run I hope this is a good start to improve the digital capacities for supporting global research initiatives.”

Yan Zhuang, Divison Director,Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS

Just before the epic group picture, completely in style of 2020 meetings, ceremonies, and the like, closing remarks were shared by CNIC emphasising the prospects of the collaboration between them and EGI.

“In the long run, I hope that our cooperation with EGI and other international partners will contribute to the development of cyber infrastructures across borders and global open science.”

Fangyu Liao, Director General, CNIC, CAS
Tiziana Ferrari (Director EGI Foundation) and Fangyu Liao (Director General, CNIC, CAS) signing the MoU
Group picture, Fangyu Liao and Arjen van Rijn both showing the signed MoU

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