New Inspired issue is out now

What is new in EGI? Today we are publishing the new issue of Inspired – the quarterly newsletter of the European Grid Infrastructure.

The new issue of Inspired is available in PDF format.

In this issue…


  • Peter Solagna introduces platform for the long tail of science and the pilot project set up to develop it
  • Inspired talks to France Grilles to find out how a database of publications can be deployed to demonstrate impact
  • Fotis Psomopoulos and Rafael Jiménez write about the EGI-ELIXIR integration project
  • Daniele Bailo writes about the EPOS’ architecture, requirements and areas of collaboration with EGI
  • Diego Scardaci writes about the growing FedCloud user community as the use cases reach the 50 mark



  • Robert Lovas invites researchers and NGIs to try crowd computing
  • The EGI CSIRT team warns cryptocoin miners that eyes are on them
  • The registration for the EGI Conference 2015 is open!
  • How to participate in the TNC2015