New service level agreement: EGI and GEO DAB

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce a service level agreement (SLA) between the EGI resource provider CESNET-MetaCloud and GEO DAB. The SLA is valid until December 2019.

GEO DAB is a key component of GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems), one of the thematic services supported by the EOSC-hub project. GEO DAB connects GEOSS user’s requests to the resources shared by GEOSS providers and aims to simplify the discovery and use of disparate data.

The service is developed by the Florence Division of the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research (IIA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).

The agreement with CESNET will allow GEO DAB to use EGI Cloud Compute and Online Storage services needed for their activities. In total, the CESNET provider has pledged 128 virtual CPU cores, 260 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage.

Małgorzata Krakowian, Quality and Risk Manager at the EGI Foundation, mediated the agreement and says: “We are delighted to support GEO DAB in its mission to support science and data discovery by offering access to EGI cloud and storage services”.

Paolo Mazzetti, Head of the Division of Florence of the CNR-IIA says: “The possibility to deploy our DAB solution on the EGI infrastructure opens up great potentialities for the delivery of advanced EO data discovery and access services especially in the perspective of the rising EuroGEOSS initiative”.