Open call for thematic services to support open research

EGI, EUDAT and INDIGO-DataCloud are joining forces to address the current fragmentation of the data and computing e-Infrastructure landscape and are looking for private and public partners developing and/or providing thematic services that support open science research workflows. Thematic services are expected to serve the needs of specific science domains and/or of multidisciplinary research.

These services will be technically and operationally integrated with generic compute, storage, data management and security, to provide a richer set of digital capabilities to the European and international research collaborations. Service management, training and technical support will be also in scope in the project.

Selected partners will be invited to join an EGI-EUDAT-INDIGO led consortium preparing a proposal to be submitted as part of H2020 e-Infra-12-2017 topic, Data & Distributed Computing e-Infrastructures for Open Science, subtopic a) Secure and agile data and distributed computing e-infrastructures.

The project will offer researchers from all disciplines seamless, open access to the advanced digital capabilities, resources and expertise they need to collaborate and to carry out data- and computing-intensive science. Secure and trustworthy, the project engages researchers in managing and preserving resources for everyone’s benefit, leveraging two decades of public and private investment in e- infrastructures for the benefit of scientific research and innovation. The project integrates, procures, operates, delivers and supports a catalogue of services provided through a partnership of public and commercial organizations and initiatives of pan-European and international relevance.  The project is an open, service-driven endeavor, inclusive of all stakeholders, and it will link users to the production services of the European Open Science Cloud initiative.

For more information about the EGI, EUDAT and INDIGO-DataCloud service catalogues see:

Partners who are interested in submitted their expression of interest are invited to download and read the related documentation with information about requirements and selection criteria. A template is provided to submit your input.

  • Download the documentation and submission template

Expressions of interest need to be submitted to by January 27 2017, 24:00 CET

For more information please contact: