Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities


DARIAH EU is a pan-European infrastructure for arts and humanities scholars working with computational tools. Research in arts and humanities often involves huge data sets that can benefit from digital research methods. Their goal is to provide tools and services to enhance innovation and generate new knowledge.

The challenge

DARIAH EU members required a way to provide transparent access to cloud storage resources in order to organise their large datasets and improve the resilience of the data. They also wanted to investigate ways to make digital applications and databases available to arts and humanities scholars.

EGI-DARIAH collaboration

DARIAH EU and EGI set up a joint team as a Competence Centre (CC) in the context of the EGI-Engage project. The CC started by identifying pilot applications, for example: a Simple Semantic Search Engine (SSE) to allow users to search in the DARIAH Knowledge Base, or the DBO@Cloud, a cloud-based repository presenting 100+ years old collection of Bavarian dialects.

The CC developed the DARIAH Science Gateway to host the applications and provide access to file transfer and cloud compute services. The Science Gateway is now in production and relies on the resources committed by two EGI Federated Cloud data centres: INFN-Bari and INFN-Catania.

Services used by DARIAH EU

Cloud Compute

Online Storage

Partners involved


EGI: EGI Foundation, GWDG, INFN-Bari, INFNCatania, MTA-SZTAKI