European Plate Observing System

About EPOS

EPOS is the ESFRI initiative for the solid Earth sciences. EPOS wants to establish a European infrastructure where datasets, metadata and resources can be searched and accessed across sites, and to create new e-science opportunities to monitor and better understand the dynamics of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other geological processes.

The challenge

The understanding of solid Earth dynamics and tectonic processes relies on the analysis of seismological data, ground deformation from terrestrial and satellite observations, geological and petro-chemical studies and lab experiments. Setting up a RI to integrate and enable secure access 100s of Terabytes of data and use them for 3D simulation including data staging and visualisation is an incredible challenge.

EGI-EPOS collaboration

During the EGI-Engage project, EGI established a Competence Centre for EPOS to collect, analyse and compare Earth Science community needs with EGI technical offerings. The work of the EPOS Competence Centre covered three areas:

  • Establish a prototype service for the authentication and authorization of EPOS users to access federated e-infrastructure services;
  • Setup a cloud-based virtual research environment to conduct MISFIT earthquake simulations;
  • Enable the computation of Sentinel-1 data on a scalable cloud platform, in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Services used by EPOS

Cloud Compute

Online Storage

Partners involved


EGI: CNRS, CYFRONET, EGI Foundation, GRNET, Fraunhofer SCAI

More information

EPOS website

Newsletter article: Competence Centres: results in EGI-Engage