European Research Initiative on chronic lymphocytic leukemia

About ERIC

ERIC is a European organisation dedicated to improving the outcome of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and related diseases. As of November 2017, the initiative counts 907 members from 64 countries.

The challenge

The majority of published research is either hidden behind subscription walls or lost in the fog of nondescript information. The ERIC initiative wants to address this issue in the field of chronic lymphocytic leukemia by implementing a hub of accurate CLL-specific information within a federated environment and incorporating both data and computational services.

EGI-ERIC collaboration

ERIC was selected as a use case of the 2nd Design Your E-infrastructure workshop in 2016. During the event, participants identified the need of a VRE for data repository (patient and clinical trial data) and the computational services to support it.

EGI is supporting this initiative and facilitates the allocation of cloud resources to integrate the CLL VRE into the EGI Cloud services. The VRE is made of a portal, a database of CLL datasets, analysis applications and a Galaxy workflow system. EGI and ERIC have completed the migration of the portal onto the EGI Federated Cloud. The portal has now been extended to support federated authentication mechanisms using the OIDC protocol.

Services used by ERIC

Cloud Compute

Online Storage

Partners involved


EGI: BEgrid-BELNET, EGI Foundation

More information

ERIC website