Translational research from molecule to brain

About MoBrain

The MoBrain Competence Center (CC) has developed online portals for life scientists worldwide, by integrating structural biology and medical imaging services and data. The MoBrain collaboration relies on the existing
expertise available within the WeNMR and N4U projects and technology providers.

The challenge

MoBrain provides biomedical scientists with a portfolio of portals for the study of molecular forces and biomolecular interactions to improve drug design, treatments and diagnostics.

To do this, the MoBrain community needs advanced computational power to sustain the work of their portals.

EGI-MoBrain collaboration

In 2016, Mobrain signed an SLA (service level agreement) with seven EGI data centres allowing the CC to use High-Throughput Computing and Online Storage services needed to develop portals for life and brain scientists worldwide. In total, seven data centres offered around 75 million hours of computing time and more than 50 TB storage capacity.

The MoBrain portals powered by EGI resources are: HADDOCK, DisVis, AMBER, CS-Rosetta, FANTEN and PowerFit (see Scientific Applications).

To give an example, HADDOCK has so far processed more than 178,000 submissions from over 9,900 scientists, which translates into about 9 million High-Throughput Compute jobs per year on the EGI infrastructure.