Large-scale computing for medical metabolomics

About PhenoMeNal

The PhenoMeNal e-infrastructure supports data processing and analysis workflows for large datasets generated in metabolomics research.

The challenge

The computational services provided within PhenoMeNal enable researchers to build, share and run reproducible data processing workflows in cloud environments, but they come with a high demand for computational resources.

EGI-PhenoMeNal collaboration

PhenoMeNal worked closely with the EGI Federated Cloud to harness EGI’s strategy for provision of a secure and reliable infrastructure. PhenoMeNal VREs are now successfully deployed on EGI Federated Cloud resources (Cloud provider IN2P3-IRES). This achievement was a joint effort between the two consortia and covered the extension of the PhenoMeNal deployment engine (KubeNow) to include OpenStack Virtual Organization Management System (VOMS) authentication methods. The work was carried out on EGI cloud resources provided by IN2P3-IRES within the ELIXIR-FR virtual organisation.

Services used by PhenoMeNal:

Cloud Compute

Partners involved


ELIXIR-FR virtual organisation