Online tools for data validation, data enrichment and efficient data analysis

D4Science hosts more than 95 Virtual Research Environments (VREs) to serve the biological, ecological, environmental, social mining, and statistical communities world-wide. D4Science is compatible with the EGI Cloud service and two of the VREs can burst out compute-intensive calculations to EGI cloud resources:

  • AnalyticsLab: a collection of generic machine learning and statistical processing algorithms for big data: bayesian methods, data clustering, so big sata algorithms, time series analysis.
  • ScalableDataMining: this VRE is designed to apply data Mmning algorithms to biological data. The algorithms are executed in a distributed fashion on EGI e-Infrastructure nodes or on local multi-core machines.

Access policy

The D4Science VREs are free to use upon registration.

D4Science & EGI

Two of the D4Science VREs use Cloud Compute services provided by EGI. These compute and storage resources are governed by a service level agreement (SLA) signed between CNR and five EGI Cloud Providers:
CESGA (Spain), GeoGrid (Germany), IISAS-FedCloud (Slovakia), RECAS-BARI (Italy), UPV-GRyCAP (Spain).

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