DARIAH Gateway

Cloud applications and services for Arts & Humanities researchers

The DARIAH Gateway is a platform that provides access to various digital applications and services for the Arts & Humanities researchers.

The applications made available via the DARIAH Gateway are:

The services made available via the DARIAH Gateway are:

  • Cloud Access: single-job applications and parameter-sweep applications can be run on the DARIAH virtual organisation clouds without porting efforts.
  • Workflow Development: workflow applications can be developed and run on all the resources of the DARIAH virtual organisation.
  • File transfer: enables transferring data from, to and between storage services providing HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, GSIFTP, SRM, iRODS and S3 protocols.

Access policy

The applications are free of charge and don’t require authentication.

Simple Semantic Search Engine

Parallel Semantic Search Engine


The services are free of charge and require authentication.

Cloud Access

Workflow Development

File transfer


The DARIAH Science Gateway is a service developed by the DARIAH Competence Centre, a research group with a mission to broaden the usage of advanced research infrastructures and technologies in the Arts and Humanities domain. DARIAH Gateway is operated by LPDS SZTAKI and is using Cloud Compute resources from two EGI cloud providers: INFN-BARI and INFN-CATANIA.

DARIAH Thematic Service leaflet (in the context of the EOSC-hub project)