GNU Octave

Open-source software for numerical computations

GNU Octave is a high-level language and a free software, primarily intended for numerical computations. It can be used by researchers worldwide.

GNU Octave can do arithmetic for real, complex or integer-valued scalars and matrices, solve sets of nonlinear algebraic equations, integrate functions over finite and infinite intervals, and integrate systems of ordinary differential and differential-algebraic equations.

GNU Octave was developed by John W. Eaton in the late 80’s and has undergone several major revisions ever since.

Access policy

GNU Octave can be accessed via the EGI Applications on Demand service.

GNU Octave & EGI

GNU Octave uses Cloud Compute resources offered by the following EGI cloud providers: INFN-CATANIA-STACK (Italy), RECAS-BARI (Italy),  CYFRONET-LCG2 (Poland), BEgrid-ULV-VUB (Belgium) and CESGA (Spain).

More information

GNU Octave was developed under the GNU project.

GNU Octave website

Applications on Demand service