NBIS toolkit

Bioinformatics tools for the life science research community

The NBIS toolkit provides online scientific applications for bioinformatics. These include:

  • Pcons.net: a Meta server for 3D proteins structure prediction;
  • PconsC2/PconsC3: A method for accurate contact prediction for all family sizes;
  • SCAMPI: Prediction of membrane protein topology from first principles;
  • BOCTOPUS: Topology prediction of transmemrane beta-barrel proteins;
  • ProQ3: Model Quality Assessment using Rosetta energy; and
  • TOPCONS: Consensus prediction of membrane protein topology and signal peptide.

Access policy

The tools provided by NBIS are free to use, with no registration required.


NBIS uses Cloud Compute and Online Storage services provided by EGI. The compute and storage resources used by NBIS are governed by a Service Level Agreement signed between NBIS and three EGI Cloud Providers: INFN-Bari (Italy), IN2P3-IRES (France) and TUBITAK (Turkey).

More information

The NBIS tools are provided by the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure of Sweden.