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Inauguration of the enhanced ELKH Cloud infrastructure

ELKH Cloud
Updated 15/02/2022
EGI Foundation team has attended today, 15th of February 2022, the inauguration of the enhanced ELKH Cloud infrastructure. ELKH is the cloud computing system of the Eotvos Lorand Research Network, one of the largest general-purpose research infrastructures in Hungary, a joint effort of SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control) and Wigner Research Center. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences initiated the development of such infrastructure in 2016, and building on its success it was further extended in 2021. ELKH Cloud is a joint effort of Hungarian scientific communities, who contribute to its development and operations, and also receive custom-tailored professional support.

ELKH Cloud services will soon be available through the EOSC Compute Platform

With the support of the European Commission project EGI-ACE, the EGI participants are integrating ELKH Cloud in the EGI Cloud Federation and the European Open Science Cloud compute platform operated by EGI. With sigle sign-on Hungarian researchers will be able to use ELKH Cloud to process data and reuse scientific applications and notebooks from other scientific collaborations, and at the same time to share their own data, notebooks and workflows.

Learn more about ELKH

Watch the video To learn more about the EGI-ACE project and ELKH Cloud see this video. Check the presentation Check these slides to understand how the ELKH Cloud infrastructure is being integrated in the EGI Federation to make:
  1. Single sign-on to access computing, data and scientific applications from worldwide scientific collaborations thanks to the EGI Check-in service
  2. Access and share data federated data in the EGI DataHub service
  3. Access and share scientific applications in the EGI Virtual Machine repository AppDD
These capabilities enable Hungarian researchers to exploit open science resources share by their colleagues from other organizaitons, and to share their own scientific outputs. With these efforts, Hungarian researchers will be able to contribute to the European Open Science Cloud and become active users. These efforts are supported by the EGI-ACE project.  
EGI-ACE is a 30-month project coordinated by the EGI Foundation with a mission to empower researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data- and compute-intensive research through free-at-point-of-use services. EGI-ACE receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101017567.