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EGI delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructures.

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EGI is a federation of 21 cloud providers and hundreds of data centres, spread across Europe and worldwide.

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EGI is committed to sharing the benefits of e-Infrastructure technology and services with industry, especially SMEs.

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The Council welcomes applications from like-minded countries and organisations to become part of the EGI vision for a stronger research and innovation sector in Europe!

  • Bon anniversaire, IN2P3!

    This year, IN2P3, a longstanding member of the EGI Federation, celebrates its 50th anniversary. EGI had the pleasure of attending the celebration live......

  • 14 EGI-ACE use cases currently supported, submit yours now!


  • The 1st round of the EUH4D Federation expansion was a success

    Full article available on the EUH4D website. The European Commision and in particular the EUHubs4Data Federation aims to equal regional access to digitalisation measures by all firms. For achieving this, the EUH4D project has a goal of expanding the federation of data driven innovation hubs to......

  • #EGI2021: Focus on EOSC

    Join us on October 19th for an EOSC-themed day! During our #EGI2021 first conference day, October 19th, we will focus on a variety......