EGI Services

EGI delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructures.

The EGI Services are provided by EGI’s federated cloud providers and data centres.
The services can be requested by everyone involved in academic research and businesses via the EGI Marketplace.

Examples of how researchers use our services can be found in the EGI Use Cases publication.
See also examples of how EGI supports research infrastructures.

  • Compute

icon Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute

Run virtual machines on demand with complete control over computing resources

Cloud Container Compute

Run Docker containers in a lightweight virtualised environment

icon HTC Compute

High-Throughput Compute

Execute thousands of computational tasks to analyse large datasets

Workload Manager

Manage computing workloads in an efficient way

  • Storage and Data

icon Online Storage

Online Storage

Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale

icon Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Transfer large sets of data from one place to another


Access key scientific datasets in a scalable way

  • Security


Login with your own credentials

  • Applications

Applications on Demand

Share online applications for your data and compute-intensive research


Create interactive documents with live code, visualisations and text

  • Training

FitSM Training

Learn how to manage IT services with a pragmatic and lightweight standard

ISO 27001 Training

Learn how to manage and secure information assets

icon Training Infrastructure

Training Infrastructure

Dedicated computing and storage for training and education

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