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EGI delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, international projects, research infrastructures and businesses.

We continuously innovate our services and technology to meet the needs of researchers worldwide. The EGI services can be requested by everyone involved in research and innovation from both the public and private sectors.

EGI Services

Advanced computing services to accelerate research & innovation

Learn why more than 78.000 users trust EGI

Besides the services tailored for researchers and businesses, EGI also offers dedicated services for its federated members. Furthermore, we advocate services from the community and act as consultancy partners for policymakers.

From advanced computing to data spaces and service hosting, EGI changes the way how researchers and businesses innovate science and operate in a digital world

EGI provides technical and human services, from integrated and secure distributed high-throughput computing and cloud computing, storage and data resources to consultancy, support and co-development. The scientists relying on EGI services work in large international organisations, research infrastructures, projects, university labs, or as individual researchers.

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Services for Research

Our large-scale computing and data analytics services are helping scientists to accelerate the process leading...

Services for Federation

Our internal services provide tools for coordination of the EGI Federation, improving how we work...

Services for Business

We help companies to exploit services and resources for compute- and data-intensive research and innovation.


EGI Service Providers

EGI is a federation of computing and storage resource providers united by a mission to support research and development. The federation is governed by the 29 participants represented in the EGI Council and coordinated by the EGI Foundation.

Data centres

65 million

Cloud CPU hours

consumed in last 12 months

6.9 billion

HTC CPU hours consumed in last 12 months



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By use case

Enables researchers, and scientific communities to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on the EGI

Web-based environment to facilitate the sharing and reproducibility of Open Science

Identity and access management solution to increase productivity and secure access to services and resources

Provisioning of integrated compute and data capacity, data collections, as well as cloud-enabled service offering for scalable data analysis

Unified data access across distributed data providers

Dedicated and secure servers to deploy and scale-up domain-specific web hosting solutions on the EGI Federated Cloud

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