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The EGI community is a community of researchers, developers, funders, technologists, dreamers and do-ers: in short anyone with a stake in advanced computing for research.

Research organisations

Serving research is at the core of the EGI mission. Many organisations and communities are currently engaged with the EGI Federation to better deal with the challenges of modern science.

Our primary target groups are:

  • research communities and research infrastructures
  • international research projects and research collaborations

We also support:

  • small international groups and individual researchers

Research communities and Research Infrastructures push the frontiers of science, with instrumentations, massive data and computational requirements. They have an international nature, decades-long life time, and strong need for shared e-infrastructures. We provide both services and expertise for community-specific solutions that help them serve their user base. The EGI Foundation acts as the main contact point with the head organisations, while the EGI Participants engage via their local contacts. Since 2010, we have supported tens of Research Infrastructures and international research communities, most of them included in the ESFRI roadmap

They are typically represented by EC-funded projects at the European scale. While such projects have limited lifetime they cover many niche domains and regions. To this target group EGI is offering IT services and technical support to run proof-of-concept and pilot setups to tackle the scientific communities’ challenges, or as Infrastructure provider to provision and operate the communities’ e-Infrastructures needs which can be used to analyse big data analytics and support advanced research.

They are usually less experienced in advanced computing or lack resources and support. The approach is to connect them to the most suitable service providers through a common platform and engagement framework and with a minimal engagement from the EGI Foundation.

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