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The internal Service Catalogue includes the services which enable individual data centres to be operated in a federated manner and integrated with the EGI infrastructure.

The infrastructure is geographically distributed and includes hundreds of data centres worldwide.
The EGI Services for Federation complement the EGI Services for Research and Business with tools for coordination of the EGI Federation, improving how we, as a federation, work together.

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Our coordination activities improve our collaboration within the EGI federation, ensuring we respond to our challenges and opportunities together and in a coordinated manner.

Coordinate activities to ensure seamless operations

A joint approach to user engagement

Ensures professional service management for EGI IT services

Progress and innovation through collaboration

A joint approach to planning and management

Enhance local security for a safer global infrastructure

Share your success at a larger scale

One federation, one vision, one strategy

Collaboration with and support for companies and SMEs through EGI DIH


Our internal operations services increase the operational capacity and align operational activities within the EGI federation, ensuring we all have the tools and resources necessary for a smoothly running federation.

Track and report the usage of your services

IT tools for better coordination

Manage the configuration information of federated e-infrastructure assets and their functional relations

Integrate resources and operations in a federated ecosystem

Your point of contact to ask for support at EGI

Monitor the performance of IT services

Benefit from a repository of high-quality software validated for the EGI infrastructure

Security & Identity

Utilise our single sign-in proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated Identity Providers with EGI service providers or use our Attribute Management service that provides a graphical interface to create and maintain the access groups.

Login with your own credentials

Manage memberships and groups in communities and virtual organisations

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Services for Research

Our large-scale computing and data analytics services are helping scientists to accelerate the process leading...

Services for Business

We help companies to exploit services and resources for compute- and data-intensive research and innovation.


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