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EISCAT_3D, the World’s Leading Incoherent Scatter Radar. EGI Case Study.


EMSO-ERIC, the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water-Column Observatory to explore the Oceans. EGI Case Study.


OBSEA – Expandable Seafloor Observatory. EGI Case Study.


WeNMR: a worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and Structural Biology. EGI Case Study.


Open Scholarly Communication in the European Research Area for Social Sciences and Humanities. EGI Case...


ENES: Solving climate modelling challenges at scale. EGI Case Study.


D4Science Infrastructure. EGI Case Study.


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Open Call #2 from the EUHubs4Data
The EUHubs4Data project has launched its 2nd open call!

Following the success of the 1st open call for experiments, the EUHubs4Data project has launched its...


EGI2022 Together for Tomorrow – Innovative Computing for Research takes place from September 20th to...

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