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We've created a style guide to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, colours, icons and templates without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. However, make sure you use it according to our guidelines.
EGI Media kit

Logos and branding

Brand Guide

We have a brand guide that provides a comprehensive overview of EGI-style applications.

You are free to use our brand elements and assets, but make sure you use them according to our guidelines.

EGI logo

Our logo is an essential part of’s image and identity. Please do not distort the proportion of the logo, change the colour or alter the logo in any other way.

Make sure you follow our logo usage guidelines described in the brand guide.

EGI colours

The following shades of blue and orange are the primary colours that characterize the EGI brand.”

  • EGI Blue: #005FAA
  • EGI Orange: #EF8200

The following colours are those used for the small and larger user interface backgrounds.

  • EGI Grey: #999999
  • EGI Dark blue: #1E325C

EGI blue, orange and grey are our typography colours.

EGI Check-in button configuration for developers

The EGI Check-in Login and Sign-up buttons that come with our Software Development kit are easy to integrate and include built-in guidelines that ensure a consistent design and experience across different apps and systems using the EGI Check-in service.

Other digital assets

EGI Service icons

EGI has recently developed a set of new service logos for our service catalogue. These logos can be used in various places, like the EGI website, EGI brochures, presentations, EOSC portal, and more.

EGI Illustrations

Download our latest:

  • EGI membership map
  • Overview illustration of all the EGI services
  • EGI Target groups illustration
Graphic elements
EGI Graphic elements

The graphic elements that adorn some areas of the new EGI website take inspiration from the EGI logo and its dots.

These graphics can be used on light and dark backgrounds.

Press, Media, Communications and Public Relations

Please contact us if you need information about EGI. We will find the right experts for an interview, send you facts and figures and provide you with background materials.

Latest publications

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An overview of the EGI Federation strategy for 2020-2024.

Annual Report 2020

Summary of the activities and achievements of the EGI Federation in 2020.

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This report provides a selection of collaborations through which EGI support the setup and operation...

EGI support for COVID-19 research

This report provides an overview of EGI initiatives supporting research against COVID-19

Service Strategy 2022-2024

This report provides a selection of collaborations through which EGI support the setup and operation...

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