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Jobs at EGI

Open Positions

If you are interested in working with us but there are no open positions, you can always send an open application (see below) and we will consider when the next opportunities will come.
Job: Finance and Control Manager (Finance and Administrative Team Lead)

EGI is hiring a Finance and Control Manager
Starting date 1st July 2024

Tiziana Ferrari
April 08, 2024
Job: Software Architect

EGI is looking for a Software Architect
Deadline May 10 2024

Diego Scardaci
Diego Scardaci
April 24, 2024
Job: Senior Accountant Specialist

EGI is looking for a Senior Accountant Specialist
Deadline May 17 2024

Tiziana Ferrari
April 24, 2024
Job: Administrative Assistant

EGI is looking for an Administrative Assistant. Apply by May 17 2024.

Tiziana Ferrari
April 25, 2024
Job: Identity and Access Management (IAM) Community Support Specialist

EGI is looking for an IAM Community Support Specialist! Deadline: 31 May 2024

Giuseppe La Rocca
May 09, 2024

About EGI Foundation

The EGI Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to coordinate the EGI Federation, an international collaboration that provides advanced computing services for data-intensive research partnerships.

At the EGI Foundation, our employees have the unique chance to work in direct contact with the major research data centres in Europe and international scientific collaborations that are the landmarks of European excellence in science.


The team is distributed across multiple countries in Europe, while the headquarters are based at Amsterdam Science Park. In our daily activities, we have the opportunity of collaborating with partners around the globe on many projects involving communities in all domains of science.

Equal, flexible and fair work environment

We care about a healthy work-life balance

At the EGI Foundation, we believe in the power of equality. We are an inherently diverse environment and proud to be an equal opportunities employer. We are constantly improving our policies and practices to ensure a workplace where everyone can grow and feel at home. We strive to create a safe and professional working environment where people collaborate to achieve common goals and learn by working together.

The EGI Foundation keeps an open mind and offers flexibility in terms of location and working hours. Employees are based in Amsterdam or working remotely, spread across Europe. We optimise the flexibility of work whilst deepening connections with each other thanks to online collaborative tools and many support platforms that keep us connected. We care about a healthy work-life balance.

Our core values

we communicate with integrity and keep our minds open

our passion for science drives everything we do and we strive for continuous improvement

through teamwork and cooperation we achieve greatness together

we build trust in the community and we deliver on our promises

we are committed to serving research and innovation together

Join us

If you’d like to join us on this mission, we’d love to hear from you! Please look at the job openings above, or send us your open application. We are always looking for talented people to join our team.

Meet our team

We are the EGI Foundation team, a group of professionals who believe work should have a meaning

Three departments, seven teams

Our 40+ member EGI Foundation team is organised into three key departments:

  • Department of Services, Solutions and Support
  • Department of Finance and Projects
  • Department of Strategy, Innovation and Communications

Some key resources

Joining the EGI Federation

Introduction to the EGI Federation, related services, impact and benefits of joining.

Strategy 2020-2024

An overview of the EGI Federation strategy for 2020-2024.

Annual Report 2022

Summary of the dynamic endeavors and remarkable achievements of the EGI Federation in the year...

Annual Report 2021

Summary of the activities and achievements of the EGI Federation in 2021.

EGI for Research Infrastructures

Research Infrastructures are our essential partners and the largest adopters of EGI solutions. Learn how...

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EGI Service Catalogue

Discover the power of our large-scale computing and data analysis solutions


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