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EGI Services for Research

Our large-scale computing and data analytics services are designed to help researchers to make breakthroughs faster than ever before. With EGI, you can expect the following key features and benefits:

  • Innovative technologies: Our services are provided by many leading cloud providers and data centres, mostly from publicly funded organisations, ensuring that you have access to the latest and most powerful computing resources available.
  • Speed and efficiency: Our services are designed to help you accelerate the process leading to research outputs. With EGI, you can expect faster simulations, higher-quality data analysis, and more accurate results.
  • Openness: Our services can be requested by any scientists or businesses involved in academic research, regardless of their location or field of study. EGI can help you achieve your research goals. The services are based on open source software, open standards and protocols.
  • User support: Our services are run and supported by experts with knowledge of the research landscape and experience with the specific needs of the research communities.
  • Federated approach: Our resource providers are geographically distributed and federated, thus increasing optimal use and improving opportunities for co-location of compute and research data.