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Data Federation

Unified data access across distributed data providers

Do you need unified data access across distributed data providers?

Federated and access data across heterogeneous and geographically distributed data centres

Key benefits


Multiprotocol support to access heterogeneous distributed data providers


Data are stored close to computing resources to have better performance for analytics


Data can be replicated at multiple locations in order to be resilient and mitigate issues at one provider location

Multiple credentials support

Access to storages supporting natively EGI Check-in OIDC Tokens, X.509 certificates or S3 access keys

Case study

WLCG - Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

WLCG is a global collaboration of more than 170 computing centres in 42 countries, linking up national and international grid infrastructures. The mission is to provide global computing resources to store, distribute and analyse the data generated by the High Energy Physics experiments hosted by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.


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