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EGI is open for bussiness. We help companies to exploit services and resources for compute- and data-intensive research and innovation.

EGI is dedicated to collaboration with and support of private entities. Our business engagement programme is organized within EGI Digital Innovation Hub (EGI DIH), a virtual space where companies and technical service providers meet to test solutions before investing.

EGI Digital Innovation Hub (EGI DIH)

EGI was created to support research communities in the use of advanced computing and data services. Now, the EGI DIH has been created to share all this experience and knowledge to support SMEs in their digital transformation.

Test before you invest

EGI helps and supports companies in adopting, testing, and validating advanced computing technologies to help with digital transformation and enhance productivity and competitiveness. 

Discover our services and mechanisms helping you to create a test environment for your services and solutions

Find Funding & Investment

EGI facilitates the access to funding opportunities and investment mechanisms to sustainably support innovation.

Discover open calls, funding opportunities and investment rounds within our community

Networking & Community Building

EGI brings SMEs and companies in contact with the EGI community to facilitate interaction and open new market opportunities.

Join us on- and offline at our annual conference, during our trainings and webinars; and at conferences and gatherings where we and our partners present our services.

Skills & Training

EGI provides knowledge on the technical offer through webinars and consultancy services.

Discover our catalogue of training services for you and your staff, online and in-person. EGI also offers on-demand consultancy and training services.

Questions about our Services?

Contact the EGI DIH Team

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Phone: +31 (0)20 89 32 007

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