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FitSM Training

Learn how to manage IT services with a pragmatic and lightweight standard

With FitSM Training you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management and how to implement FitSM in your organisation through a combination of lessons and examples.

FitSM is a lightweight standard for IT service management. It brings order and traceability with simple, practical support and provides a common conceptual and process model setting out realistic requirements.

With FitSM Training you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management and how to implement FitSM in your organisation through a combination of lessons and examples. FitSM professional training is certified by internationally recognized authorities.

Main Features

With FitSM training you can:

  • Increase your expertise in managing IT services
  • Raise your professional profile by a recognised certification

EGI offers in-house trainings for organisations needing several members of staff to be trained. The date and location of the training are mutually agreed.

TRL 9: Actual system proven in operational environment.

Training and certification scheme

The training programme is structured in three levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert. Participants begin with the 1-day foundation course, which provides basic ITSM knowledge and introduces the FitSM model. On completion of the Foundation course, participants can take one of the two or both advanced level courses.

Advanced courses are on two different topic areas, and are each two days in length. These courses are suitable for those looking to manage a specific process, or just increase their overall experience in (federated) ITSM.

Those completing both advanced level courses are eligible for the Expert level course, which will put emphasis on methods and real-world examples of implementation and improvement of ITSM, and look at common problems such as process interfaces and the challenges of organisational change.

The FitSM training scheme is structured in three levels: foundation, advanced and expert
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I learned how to implement FitSM in an IT organisation and gained from the benefits the framework provides for efficient service management.” Pavel Weber, KIT

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We offer in-house trainings for all levels of the FitSM standard. The date and location of the training are mutually agreed. You can submit a request via the EGI marketplace

Consultancy & Support

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In-House Training

The following table presents the prices associated with each training course. Prices do not include support for trainer travel, accommodation and/or expenses.

EGI FitSM Pricing List 2022


*Prices subject to change for remotely held courses, which lengthen course duration, but do offset costs not having to cover trainer travel expenses.

[1] A discount of 5% of the total price will be offered for a combination of two (2) or three (3) courses and 10% for four courses or more. All courses have to be delivered within six (6) months of the first course.

[2] If the number of exam participants is lower than 8 (FND, ADV) or 6 (EXP), additional costs may be charged from by the examination institute, which is otherwise included in the examination fees

[3] Prices exclude trainer travel costs and any requested print-outs. EGI Foundation is VAT exempt for delivery of professional training courses.

[4] Fees are set by ITEMO and charged by any examination institute supporting FitSM.

*The Expert Bridge course is available to anyone with ITIL expert and/or ISO/IEC 20000 consultant/auditor accreditations. This side entry course combines both Advanced and Expert levels into 2 days for a single FitSM Expert Certificate.


This service is provided by staff of the EGI Foundation and by trainers of the EGI Foundation Affiliation Network. The EGI Foundation is an  accredited organisation by CrKBO, APMG and ICO-CERT.

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The EGI Foundation is an accredited organisation with CrKBO

Service documentation

Instructions, manuals and community resources

The FitSM standard is open source.

Baseline training material is also available from the FitSM website.

The EGI Foundation is an accredited trainers.

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