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Webinar: Supercomputing in Brazil and the LNCC)(27th April 2022)

Brazil has the fastest/biggest private and public supercomputing centres in Latin America, situated at LNCC.

Webinar: FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator & Advisor)(6th April 2022)

FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator and Advisor) has been developed to check the FAIRness level of...

Webinar: ENES Data Space Service (9th March 2022)

The ENES Data Space delivers an open, scalable and cloud-enabled data science environment for climate...

Webinar: Analyze your data using DODAS generated cluster (22 Sep 2021)

In this presentation we will explain the DODAS fundamentals and we will provide a user...

Webinar: Using Dynamic DNS service in the EGI Cloud infrastructure (16th Jun 2021)

The webinar will provide demonstration and tutorial, also practical advice on using Dynamic DNS service...

Webinar: Monitoring services with ARGO (19th May 2021)

In this training session we are going to show the process we follow to monitor...

Webinar: Managing Singularity, Docker and udocker containers, Kubernetes clusters in the EGI Cloud (28th April 2021)

In this webinar we will introduce the different runtimes available for executing containers in EGI...

Webinar: Access and analyze data from the EGI DataHub with Jupyter notebooks and MATLAB (12th May 2021)

Good, clean data is hard to come by. The EGI provides scientists and researchers access...

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