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Infrastructure as Code to deploy scientific applications in EOSC

Infrastructure as code is the process of managing and provisioning computing infrastructures through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools. This is the mantra of IM and EC3 tools, two services that allow users to automate the deployment and configuration process of virtual infrastructures on top of cloud resources. While IM facilitates the deployment of a cluster with a fixed number of nodes, EC3 provides the cluster with elasticity capabilities, where the number of nodes is automatically adapted to the workload of the cluster.

In this training session, we will show both the IM Dashboard and the EC3 CLI tools in action.

About this Workshop

With these tools:

* You can automate your entire provisioning and deployment process, which makes it much faster and more reliable than any manual process.

* You can use the same definition templates to provision the very same virtual infrastructure in different Cloud providers.

* You can use the OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML standard to describe your cloud topologies.

* You can store those source files in version control, which means the entire history of your infrastructure is now captured in the commit log, which you can use to debug problems, and if necessary, roll back to older versions.

This training session is led by:

21 September 2022
9:00 - 10:30