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EGI Conference 2022

Together for Tomorrow - Innovative Computing for Research

Hosted by EGI and CESNET, EGI2022 took place on the 20-22 of September 2022 in Prague. Co-located events were organised on Monday, September 19th and Friday, September 23rd.

EGI Conference 2022

Together for Tomorrow - Innovative Computing for Research

Prague, Czech Republic

The annual EGI conference is widely recognised as the venue that brings together like-minded professionals from the world of science and scientific computing. During EGI2022, we will look towards the future – how will innovative computing services and solutions help to build a better research ecosystem? How can we work towards innovation? And what opportunities are there for new collaborations?


Together for Tomorrow – join us on a journey of turning ideas into reality, recognising the fact that big ideas require collaboration.

EGI2022 consisted of plenary sessions and breakout sessions, posters and demo sessions, and social events to allow learning and networking.

Hosted by EGI and CESNET, EGI2022 took place  from September 20th to 23rd 2022. Several co-located events were organised on Monday, September 19th and Friday, September 23rd.

September 19th - September 23rd 2022

After a long period of travel restrictions, EGI Foundation looks forward to the conference in Prague to meet our partners, project collaborators and user communities in person again. We are delighted to work with CESNET to make it a unique event hosted in a unique and fascinating city, which has been the home already of many memorable EGI Community meetings.

Tiziana Ferrari, Director EGI Foundation

Thank you

Over 250 delegates joined us at the venue, and another 70+ speakers and participants joined virtually for specific sessions!

You can find presentations, supporting materials and links to recordings on the EGI2022 Indico page.


Conference Topics:

  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence: Solutions for data analytics, scientific gateways and innovative AI applications that provide an integrated point of access to European key datasets and computing.
  • Compute Continuum: Federated hybrid compute infrastructures and solutions for the convergent use of HTC, HPC, Cloud and Edge.
  • Data Spaces and Data Lakes: Federated highly scalable and real-time solutions for distributed data management, processing and analysis.
  • EOSC Compute Platform: Success stories, use cases and open science practices related to the provisioning and adoption of compute services in EOSC.
  • Policy & Business Models: Developing, Delivering and implementing policy initiatives and business models related to big data science in academia and industry.
  • Security, Trust & Identity: Solutions and use cases for federated trust and identity management aiming delivering a trusted environment for data processing and analysis.

Trainings and Workshops

Training: Infrastructure as Code to deploy scientific applications in EOSC

23 September 2022, Prague

21 September 2022
9:00 - 10:30
Enabling international identity federations with Check-in

The tutorial focuses on how to enable user access with the EGI Check-in service using...

23 September 2022
9:30 - 11:00
Authentication Authorisation Infrastructure

This tutorial will give an overview of digital identity management with EGI AAI service components...

23 September 2022
9:30 - 11:00
How to deploy ready-to-use BigData Platform on top of the EOSC Compute Platform – the DODAS solution

In this tutorial, the DODAS fundamentals will be presented and will be shown a live...

23 September 2022
9:30 - 11:00
FitSM – a pragmatic standard for IT Service Management

FitSM is a free and lightweight standards family aimed at enabling effective IT service management...

19 September 2022
11:00 - 18:00
Security Architecture and Risk Management Workshop at EGI2022

Security architecture and Risk Management Workshop at EGI2022 Conference

23 September 2022
9:30 - 13:00

Meet our Host:


EGI Council Participant CESNET represents the Czech National Grid Infrastructure, operated by MetaCentrum. CESNET is...

Meeting Venue

EGI2022 took take place in

Vienna House Andel’s Prague

Stroupeznickeho 21. 15000 Prague

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