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Batch computing

Fully managed batch processing in the EGI Infrastructure

How does Batch computing work?

Fully managed batch processing in the EGI Infrastructure

It enables researchers, and scientific communities to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on the EGI Infrastructure.

Key benefits


No need to invest into self-hosted or third-party commercial processing solutions.


Servers are located within EGI member and partner institutes, at over 200 locations


Tightly integrated with other components of the EGI infrastructure (storage, workload manager, authentication-authorisation, monitoring, etc.)

Cost optimized resource provisioning

Dynamically scales compute resources according to the workload, freeing you from the constraints of fixed-capacity

Case study


Biomed is a large-scale international Virtual Organization supporting communities in the Life Sciences sector. One of the flagship science gateways of BioMed is the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP). Through VIP, researchers can access multiple applications, as well as important amounts of storage and computing resources, without required technical skills beyond the use of a web browser. Thanks to EGI services.


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