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EGI: Open Ecosystem for Research and Innovation

We support data-intensive research with a wide range of advanced computing services

EGI is the federation of computing and storage resource providers united by a mission of delivering advanced computing and data analytics services for research and innovation.

The "EGIverse"

EGI Federation mark
EGI Federation

EGI is a federation of computing and storage resource providers united by a mission of delivering advanced computing and data analytics services for research and innovation.

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EGI Foundation

EGI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to coordinate and develop the EGI infrastructure and engage diverse users of our broad service portfolio.

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EGI Community

The EGI community is a community of researchers, developers, funders, technologists, dreamers and do-ers : in short anyone with a stake in advanced computing for research.


"We continuously innovate our services and technology to meet the needs of researchers worldwide."

–Tiziana Ferrari / Director of EGI Foundation

The impact of the EGI Federation is broad and diverse. We support all kinds of research. Examples include finding new tools to diagnose and monitor diseases such as Alzheimer’s, developing complex simulations to model climate change, searching for gravitational waves, and pursuing the dark matter.

We continuously innovate our services and technology, foster international collaborations and knowledge sharing, and finally, create opportunities for professional development and acquiring know-how.

Tiziana Ferrari - Director of EGI Foundation

Enabling research, improving process and capabilities

EGI aims to support the implementation of the digital European Research Area (ERA), to contribute to the development of the data economy and the related connected digital single market in Europe, and ultimately to contribute to the development of an Open Science Commons.


Engage and support user communities

We care about our users. EGI works with user communities to identify their needs, provide appropriate support and drive innovation together.

Design, develop and deploy solutions

We are here to find the best solutions. EGI offers high-quality, tailored consultation and technology services for the demanding needs of every research community and sector.

Serve, support and improve services

We strive to deliver the best possible services. We regularly review the satisfaction of our users and constantly innovate and evolve our service offering to meet the needs of all the user communities.

Influence policies

We help to shape the future. EGI advises policymakers and funders on the main trends and needs in science and technology and provides recommendations on the future directions. We strongly promote the vision for the Open Science Commons.

Run our services in sustainable way

We care about the future. EGI works towards long term, sustainable funding for operating EGI core services. At the same time, we raise funds for innovation, explore different business models while improving discoverability and reuse of services and solutions.


EGI supports a Web of FAIR Data and services for science in Europe

European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science.

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)  initiative will offer researchers a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines by federating existing data infrastructures. EOSC is being co-created in a series of funded projects and initiatives from member states and associated countries. The services and expertise of the EGI Federation are being recognized as key assets for the EOSC, especially for the Federating Core.

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There are many ways to join us and get involved

Become part of a well established community serving international research and innovation

The EGI Federation welcomes like-minded countries and international organisations who wish to become part of the EGI vision for a stronger research and innovation sector in Europe

Some key resources

EGI Federation Annual Report 2021

EGI Foundation Annual Report 2021

Joining the EGI Federation

Introduction to the EGI Federation, related services, impact and benefits of joining.

Strategy 2020-2024

An overview of the EGI Federation strategy for 2020-2024.

Service Strategy 2022-2024

This report provides a selection of collaborations through which EGI support the setup and operation...

EGI support for Research Infrastructures

This report provides a selection of collaborations through which EGI support the setup and operation...

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