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EGI support for Research Infrastructures

This report provides a selection of collaborations through which EGI support the setup and operation of European Research Infrastructures.

On behalf of the EGI community, I am happy to present you this brochure: a selection of collaborations through which we support the setup and operation of European Research Infrastructures. I hope the booklet will also serve as a catalogue of blueprints for emerging Research Infrastructures that are going to explore the power of e-infrastructures in the coming years.

Gergely Sipos - Head of Services, Solutions and Support, EGI Foundation

EGI reaches out to Research Infrastructures (RIs) to discuss usage scenarios and assess requirements and preferences. The discussion generates an initial joint service configuration, development and delivery plan. The document is then used to build a Competence Centre (CC): a distributed working group where national e-infrastructure initiatives, scientific institutes, technology and service providers join forces. The CC collectively refines and implements the collaboration workplan. CC membership is based on joint interest and matching priorities of the RIs and members of the EGI Community. The CCs collect and analyse requirements, integrate community-specific applications with EGI services, foster interoperability across infrastructures and evolve the services through a user-centric development model. CCs also take ownership of the resulting services, configuring and providing them through Service Level Agreements to scientific user communities brought in by the RIs, and jointly promoting them through events and channels.


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