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High-Throughput Compute

Execute thousands of computational tasks to analyse large datasets

With High-Throughput Compute you can run computational jobs at scale on the EGI infrastructure. It allows you to analyse large datasets and execute thousands of parallel computing tasks.

Cloud Compute

High-Throughput Compute

With High-Throughput Compute you can run computational jobs at scale, tapping into the immense power of the EGI infrastructure to process large datasets and execute large batches of computing tasks.
The service is provided by a distributed network of computing centres, giving you access to a massive amount of computing power via a standard interface and membership of a virtual organisation.
With over 1 million cores of installed capacity, EGI can support over 1.6 million computing jobs per day, making it one of the most powerful and versatile compute solutions for research and innovation.

Main Features

Benefits of High-Throughput Compute:

  • Access to high-quality computing resources that help you achieve your research goals
  • Integrated monitoring and accounting tools that provide you with information about availability and resource consumption
  • Workload and data management tools that enable you to manage all your computational tasks with ease
  • Large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time
  • Faster results for your research
  • Collaborative research by enabling users to share resources among themselves

TRL 9: Actual system proven in operational environment.

OpenCoastS+ leverages EGI HTC for reliable coastal forecasts in 30 countries

OpenCoastS+ is an open-source platform that offers an efficient and cost-effective way to develop hydrodynamic and water quality forecast systems on demand. It provides users with advanced features that allow them to simulate hydrodynamics affected by tides, winds, and river flows while also considering the interactions with waves and stratification effects. The success of OpenCoastS+ relies on the computational infrastructure of the EGI Federation. The EGI HighThroughput Compute service guarantees the timely delivery of multiple and simultaneous simulations with dozens or a hundred thousand model grid points. This technology supports platform usage in 30 countries with nearly 9000 computing hours daily. By leveraging this advanced technology, OpenCoastS+ users can develop highly accurate and reliable coastal forecast systems tailored to their specific needs

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With High-Throughput Compute, you can address these challenges:
Batch computing

Fully managed batch processing in the EGI Infrastructure. EGI Solution.

Interactive computing

Data analytics and visualisation with Jupyter Notebooks. EGI Solution.


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This service is co-funded by the European Commission

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Webinar: Introduction to HTCondor-CE service

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