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Access to the EISCAT tools with help of EGI checkin

June 28th 2023


The present era of rapid technological advances creates a challenge for data providers and scientists to create and maintain FAIR data and services not just for future operations but also for historical data gathered and analysed with technologies that are slowly phasing out of their usage. GUISDAP is an open-source software package, written in MATLAB, C and Fortran and provided and maintained by EISCAT, for analysis and visualisation of its incoherent scatter radar data as well as for some other radars in the world. One way how to preserve GUISDAP operability and accessibility by the user community is to make it accessible through a Jupyter notebook docker deployment through EISCAT resources and in the frame of an EOSC project. This will help to ensure the FAIRness of EISCAT data by providing tools for reanalysis and visualisation that will be accessible by any potential EISCAT user with the help of EGI check-in technology.



Dr. Maria Mihalikova

Staff scientist joining the EISCAT team at Headquarters in Kiruna. Maria comes from Slovakia and grew up in Ivanka pri Dunaji near Bratislava. She has a master’s degree in physics with a focus on meteorology and climatology from Comenius University in Bratislava and a PhD in Space Technology from the Luleå Technical University. After working for a number of years as an aviation meteorologist at the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Maria started her doctoral studies in the Polar Atmospheric Research Program at IRF in Kiruna in 2009. In 2013 Maria got her Phd.

June 14th 2023