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About this Workshop

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IT Service Management is a discipline that helps provide services with a focus on customer needs and in a professional manner. It is widely used in the commercial and public sectors to manage IT services of all types, but current solutions are very heavyweight with high barriers to entry.

FitSM is a lightweight standard for IT service management. It brings order and traceability with simple, practical support and provides a common conceptual and process model setting out realistic requirements. With FitSM Training you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management and how to implement FitSM in your organisation through a combination of lessons and examples.

With FitSM training you can:

  • Increase your expertise in managing IT services
  • Raise your professional profile with a recognised certification

Participants successfully passing the exam (20 multiple choice questions, 13 required to pass) will receive a formal certification backed by the certification authority APMG.

8 hours (plus optional 30-minute exam)

Target audience

  • All individuals involved in the provisioning of (federated) IT services.
  • Candidates who wish to progress to the advanced level of the qualification and certification scheme.

Entry requirements



  • Basic IT service management concepts and terms (based on FitSM-0)
  • Purpose and structure of FitSM standards and their relationship to other standards
  • Full process framework underlying FitSM
  • Requirements defined in FitSM-1


  • 30 minutes, at the end of the training
  • Closed book, i.e. no aids are allowed
  • 20 multiple-choice questions (four possible answers for each question, one correct answer per question)
  • At least 65% of correct answers (13 of 20) are required to pass the examination

Training Outputs

  • Exam scores
  • Certificates for those passing the exam with a unique certificate license number

This training event is co-funded by the iMagine project. If you work for the iMagine project or for an organisation part of the EGI Federation, you can request a discount code! Get in touch via email before May 31st.

More information:

19 June 2023
9:00 - 6:00 PM

More information about FiTSM:

FitSM Training

With FitSM Training you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management and how to implement...

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