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Harnessing Advanced Research Infrastructures for Earth and Environmental Data Management and Analysis: A MATLAB Perspective

May 22nd 2024 14:00 CEST


The increasing volume and complexity of Earth and environmental data requires an efficient interdisciplinary collaboration and management. The use of advanced research infrastructures enables data integration, interoperability, and seamless data exchange, leveraging analysis and visualization tools and cloud facilities.
In the first part of the presentation there is an introduction to MATLAB and a review of existing and new features relevant to the EGI users.

In the second part, a case study is presented on the ENES Data Space, a cloud-based data science environment for climate data analysis, part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Compute Platform. Users can access and work with climate datasets, including past recordings and future projections from the CMIP project. The case study demonstrates geodata import, analysis, and visualization using MATLAB Online and Jupyter notebooks, emphasizing ease of use, data manipulation, and sharing capabilities within the ENES workspace without requiring local software installations or data downloads.

Target audience(s)

  • data scientists
  • domain scientists and research (in Environmental, Climate research)
  • e-Infrastructure platform/ technology & service providers
May 22nd 2024
14:00 CEST

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