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Kostas Leptokaropoulos

Academic Manager for Geoscience and Climate Science

Kostas Leptokaropoulos is Academic Manager for Geoscience and Climate Science at MathWorks, located in Cambridge, UK. His role is to support Academics and Scientists with their teaching and research activities, by taking full advantage of the tools and capabilities that MATLAB offers. Kostas is Environmental Engineer holding a PhD in Geophysics and Seismology. He was an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he worked on several European-scale Scientific and Research Infrastructure projects (e.g., EPOS, SERA, SHEER). Befor joining MathWorks, Kostas was employed at the University of Southampton, where he retains a Visiting Research Fellow status. Throughout his career he has published over 20 peer reviewed research papers.