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EOSC DIH Webinar: Thriving Teams

September 14th 10 AM
Teams are the life and soul of any business, and a healthy team can help your business to flourish. Join this webinar and learn about your job as a leader to create vision and clarity for your team, how to build a team with the right people, and how to create the culture and environment to keep the team motivating and performing at their best.   About the trainer:  Chaya Mistry, Human Leadership Coach, & Consultant A human leadership and communication coach, trainer and consultant, Chaya helps people to lead and communicate in a more human way, creating space for human change for whole organisations or for one human at a time.  With a background in Psychology, a Chartered PR practitioner and an Accredited leadership coach. Chaya is the coordinator of the Inner Development Goals Hub for Global Human Leadership. As founder of Humanly, a human leadership development consultancy. Chaya works with her associates across 3 countries, to support organisations that are ready to lead more Humanly. We coach executives and their teams, helping clients to build soft human skills of self-awareness, effective relationships, emotional intelligence and a mindset of curiosity and growth with clarity, courage and compassion.