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EOSC DIH Training: Community Engagement

This interactive workshop will help you to understand the importance of a community to grow your startup. Your community will act as a collaboration ecosystem and also as a support mechanism to grow your start-up step by step, with consistency and a strong foundation.
Speaker: Jara Pascual (Collabwith)
  • Definition of a community for an innovative startup
  • How to build a baseline and strategy for a community
  • How to promote the community with a social media strategy even if you host your community somewhere else.
  • Basics of marketing and social media
  • How to sustain the community to grow your innovative business
  • Create a plan for your startup organization to ensure a community building approach
The training covers the following topics:
  • Innovation Ecosystem engagement
  • Governance, role definition and facilitate collaboration.
  • Identify other networks, flagship for smart connectivity use in several services.
  • Set expectations and boundaries for innovation, and long term requirements for collaboration, research and innovation.
  • Provide the possibility to cooperate, share information to find the right partners.
  • Support the ecosystem / community to innovate, to understand their needs for innovation and how to be
January 31st 2023