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EGI Tutorial: Regional infrastructure for reproducible open science in Asia Pacific

ISGC 2023, Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan


Between 2020-2022 the EGI Community established an open, cloud based regional
infrastructure to facilitate open and reproducible science in the Asia-Pacific region. The
infrastructure combines Openstack based EGI cloud compute sites with the
JupyterHub based EGI Notebooks service, and the Binder based EGI Replay service.
The result is a scalable, user-friendly environment for big data and big compute
The tutorial will introduce this regional infrastructure, demonstrating to the participants
how to:

● Port scientific applications and computational frameworks to the platform using
virtual machine images and containers.
● How to write, run, share and re-run computational analysis on the platform with the
EGI Notebooks and Replay services.
● How to connect new computational cloud resources to the infrastructure to support
regional science users.

The tutorial is primarily designed for data scientists, scientific programmers and
developers of science gateways and Virtual Research Environments. These
participants can learn how to integrate and deliver their applications via the

The tutorial is also relevant to the administrators and operators of cloud systems and
OpenStack based services for scientific communities. They will learn about scenarios
to contribute to the infrastructure, and see good practices about serving national and
international scientific communities with a cloud federation.
The tutorial will combine short presentations with demonstrations and hands-on
exercises. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops to the event.

March 21st 2023
3.30 hours


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