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Get experience with computing on Kubernetes

About this Workshop

Containers are becoming more widespread in the IT industry, they offer the advantage of having the entire software and runtime environment packaged together in a single package. The deployment of the containerized application might be tricky, it requires to have a container orchestrator installed – therefore the user has to usually manage the entire virtual machine with all required system services just to run the container.
In recent years, it has been shown how the adoption of the popular container orchestrator – Kubernetes has made the work of developers and system administrators more efficient. The developers or users of computing resources do not have to debug the operating system, secure it and take care of individual system services just to run, for example, a web application or a database.

Join our workshop and gain hands-on experience with computing on Kubernetes, and how it might help you with your research activities. Together, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of managed Kubernetes service. Then we will get our hands dirty going through the deploying of the secure application and exposure to the Internet.

This training session is led by:

  • Adrian Rosinec (CESNET)
  • Klára Moravcová (CESNET)
23 June 2023
9:00 - 10:30 PM